Dryer- a manufacturing cell from cleaner to evaporate all water and to eliminate part oxidation.
Air-cooling conveyor cooling a four-cavity thermostat housing gate and preparing for secondary trimming operation.

Quality Processes & Tools: Magnesium Aluminum Corporation, a 100,000 plus square-foot facility, is ISO 9002 Certified and has a broad range of capabilities in CAD-CAM tooling, die casting equipment, specialized machining and plant automation along with state of the art ancillary equipment. Solid equipment, documented systems and professionally trained employees assure commitments are delivered on time.

Process Equipment

  • Visi-Trak Central Monitoring System is a direct link to monitor 29 shot and related process variables including pressure, velocity, metal temperature, die temperature and cavity fill time, which are vital in measuring component quality and reducing costs.

  • Fluoroscopic X-ray capabilities look inside the part to verify the internal integrity of the component.

  • Optical Emission Spectrometer measures the metal chemistry of our magnesium and aluminum alloys to assure raw materials meet customer specifications.

Design of Experiments: Magnesium Aluminum Corporation utilizes formal D.O.E.s to identify process parameter windows for key process variables that are identified as having a direct effect on final product quality. Together, D.O.E.s and our Visi-Trak process monitoring system enable us to develop and maintain a consistently repeatable manufacturing process.

Alloys: Magnesium Aluminum Corporation casts the following aluminum and magnesium alloys purchased on a global basis from our world-class suppliers:

  • AL380, AL360 (aluminum)
  • AZ91D, AM60B, AM50 (magnesium)